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Take This Career and Crush It

Work doesn't have to suck

Look at you! You’re exactly where you want to be in your career and you know where you’re going next. You’ve got a solid plan to get to that next step while being fulfilled, doing the engaging work you dig so much. Your talents and skills are valued and used to the fullest. You, my friend, are totally set up for success. Umm no? Are you yelling ‘THAT’S NOT A THING JERKFACE!’ at the screen? Yeah, thought so. 

Look. Here's the deal. It’s easy to get off track when it comes to your career. Somewhere along the way you lost your way and your confidence. Maybe you even lost sight of your value and no longer have any idea WTF you bring to the table. You’re unengaged, unfulfilled, and mostly miserable - knowing you need a ‘better job’ - but having no friggin' clue what that even looks like or where to start. Or, maybe you know exactly what you want but have no idea how to get there.


Enter (DA TA TA DAHHH) The Career Crusher Sessions. The Career Crusher Sessions are all about one on one coaching where I take you through a six step process that leads you to your career path so you can actually map out a plan to move forward. Basically, we get your career GPS booted up!

This is the personal attention of a 100% focused-on-you partner and a proven step-by-step process that lets you set milestones and make real progress. Don't worry, "step-by-step" doesn’t mean one-size-fits-all, because seriously that is bullshit - have you tried one size fits all jeans? (Didn’t think so.)

BUT... BUT...

I get it. You feel completely stuck, but you'd also rather go underwear shopping with your mother-in-law than “work on your career.” If you’re on the motivation struggle bus - get ready for some ass kicking accountability.  And here's the deal: once you take control and make a plan, motion happens. The 'stuck' feeling disappears.

I’ve been honing this process over the last year and now I’m so excited, and proud to be able to offer The Career Crusher Sessions to you in a nifty, tidy package. So exactly what kind of stuff has gone down with my clients after working through Career Crusher?

  • The confidence to ditch an unfulfilling 9-5 and create their own special events business.
  • Getting a “dream job” that previously felt “out of her league” (because we all know job searching can be a lot like Tinder).  
  • Finding a truly meaningful career that, *surprise* wasn’t her current one.
  • Leaving “mind numbing” admin work for a completely new creative and challenging career.
  • Confidently applying for, and getting, a long-deserved promotion.

Plus all the nifty, not necessarily quantifiable, badass stuff like, “clarity,” “self-confidence,” and “control.”

Yes, Career Crusher is an investment in time and in money. But, and this as “woo woo” as I get, it truly is an investment in you. Ask yourself “What am I worth?” Go ahead, I’ll wait. 

Get ready to tell your unfulfilling career to suck it!  Whether you're ready for the full 6 month, high-touch, hand-held package - or a 3 month, condensed, do some of it yourself, starter package, there is an option just for you. How do you want to be supported?

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