I'm EB and I help creative types ditch the fear and design their careers so they can achieve the fulfillment they really want.


If you're asking yourself 'Who is this chick?' - then click!


I'm here to offer you the help you need to define your goals, create actionable steps to get you moving forward and help you find the confidence needed to take the next steps.

What could you gain as a result? A career that you personally designed; one that is fulfilling and engaging. Not a bad deal. You're welcome. 

How I Got Here

But why? What exactly is my jam? What can I say - I’m a lover of learners, seekers and happy, creative people.

I spent 12 years as a college professor teaching courses like ‘The History of Creativity.’ I loved my job. Capital "L" love. Lurrrved even. But education budgets being what they are, I found my course load shrinking year after year (you can read about my heartbreak over that here).

Once I came to terms with the fact that I really, yes really, had to pay the landlady, I fully pivoted into creative recruiting and staffing where I racked up almost 10 years experience. Was it "love" the way I loved teaching? Not quite (you only get one first love), but I really dug my gig. What I especially loved was directly helping women with their career development - I loved that part so much that I knew I needed to go all in as a Career Coach.

Having gone through two major career changes what I've learned is 1) that creativity & inspiration are central to creating a fulfilling career and 2) you gotta have a plan. I can teach you how.  

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So what about you? I see you!

I see you full of fear.

I see your lack of motivation.

I see that look of being 'lost.'

I see that you have no idea what your career is 'supposed to' look like.

I see you wallowing in the feeling that you’ll never get to where you really want to be.

My totally gooey, sugary, sweet spot is helping to identify and define your goals, so you start to see your career as a big picture thing. Also... keeping you motivated to kick ass! And it all starts with me listening to you. Just. Really. Listening. 


When you work with me you get:

Control of your career once and for all.

To ditch the frustrating 'stuck' feeling.

To strut with the confidence of knowing where you're going.

A true partner in your journey.


I teach women how to own their careers in a completely new way. You in? 

C'mon girl, let's make shit happen! 


"I was always pleasantly surprised at the depth of insight. Working with you gave me the encouragement I needed to just get things done. The best part of our work has been being held accountable by you. Being in business for myself, I tend to put important things off." - Amy O. 


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