Your organization needs help with Intentional Team Design.

How do I know? A) Because you’re here and B) Because whenever hiring is left to chance, you’re left with high churn rates, low retention rates and disorganized, inefficient teams with low morale.

When it’s not just about a butt in a seat, but the right fit - you need to know what that fit is, how to find them and how to keep them engaged. If staffing is prepped and scaled proactively, all your teams win.

Tap into my years of experience in staffing, recruiting, learning & development and creative team management. I will teach your organization how to up your retention, hire the team of your dreams and kill the churn!

How I Can Help:

General staffing/staffing plan consulting

  • Roles & Responsibilities - What kinds of responsibilities do you actually need your teams to engage in

  • Especially for Startups - What are the right roles that will make the most impact from the jump

  • Hiring - Crafting engaging job descriptions to attract the very best candidates

Staffing consultant
How to hire employees

Custom Workshops Including:

  • How to interview candidates to make the best hires possible

  • Teaching your management team how to actually communicate with your creative team

leadership coaching
corporate workshops

1:1 Coaching:

  • Executive/C-Level coaching

  • Leadership coaching

  • Professional growth coaching

Get in touch and let’s talk teams!