Your Job is Too Much of A Safe Place

Your Job is Too Much of A Safe Place

Sometimes you can be too comfy.

I'm not actually talking snuggies, yoga pants and comfy sox. Those things are awesome. I'm talking about feeling totally comfortable in your career.

The 'devil you know' comfort is born out of fear. You stay where you are, doing what you're doing, because of fear of the unknown. Where you are might be crappy - but at least you know what kind of crap to expect... right?

Unless there's something on your horizon that gives your stomach the jitters and freaks you out just a bit... something that pushes you out of your comfort zone... you will always be *exactly* right where you are. That's fine... right?

There is a time and space that you get to where you know it’s time to leave your job but you also know that it's a safe place and the devil you know is better than whatever freaky, hypothetical, scaries are out there in the world.