Career Crusher Coaching:

F.I.P Sessions 

Screw VIP, you're ready make real change in 90 days and be the Fucking Important Person you really are! You're truly ready to take control of your career and deal with roadblocks keeping you from your goals (even if one of them is not knowing WTF your goals even are!). You're up for a deep dive into personal one-on-one coaching sessions that lead to a full Career Design Plan and the confidence to execute. Together we'll define your goals and get you set up to achieve them - here's how we'll do it:

  • A 90 min intensive session to get it all out there: your career, your goals & your blocks.

  • Two 60 min calls each month (6 total) where we work our way through a step-by-step process leading to your Career Design.

  • Actionable 'assignments' designed to move you and your goals forward.

  • After each session you'll receive my notes, resources, your assignments and a recording of our session.

  • Unlimited email access to me to deal with any questions, surprises or bad-ass wins!

Commitment: $2495 (payment plan available) & 3 months to focus on you and your goals.


  • Complete audit of your resume, LinkedIn & portfolio upon completion of sessions

  • Weekly tips to help you complete career improving activities quickly

  • Career goal planner

  • Extensive networking plan

  • Follow Up Session (yours to use within 6 months)

Are the F.I.P Sessions for you?
It's for you if you’re ready to ditch the fear and build an intentional career that fulfills you in a whole new way. Get ready to own it like you mean it! When you design a career strategy, you can finally achieve all those career goals you’ve got tucked away and stop letting your career just happen to you.

You're ready, Yeah You are, You know it....

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 Intensive Single Session

Need a career tune up? Not ready to commit to a full package? I offer completely custom, 90 minute sessions for $399. 

'Sales Stuff' Service

Once you know where you want to go, how do you get there? Sales baby. Yup, you gotta sell yourself like a Girl Scout sells Thin Mints.  Your resume, online presence and networking abilities are your sales materials - make sure they make you shine!

My 'Sales Stuff' Service covers all the essentials:

  • Resume Reboot & LinkedIn Looker: I'll get my red pen on your resume and you'll walk away with a 100% recruiter approved doc that shows you off in the best way. I'll also review your LinkedIn profile and get you set up to be a connected superstar.

  • How's Your Book Look?: I'll also audit your professional website or portfolio. Cuz honestly - how's your book look?

  • Networking Know How: No idea where to start? Don't freak - networking isn't so bad. Really. Let's work out an action plan to get you in front of the people you want to connect with. Where to find them, how to approach them and what to say once you've got their attention.

  • Rock Any Interview: Need role playing practice? A stash of perfect interview questions in your back pocket? Want to know what they really want to hear your 'greatest weakness' is? I'll spill all my hiring manager secrets and get you ready to knock 'em dead!

What's In It?

  • A 2 hr 25 min working session to get it all out there: your career goal and an audit of your 'sales stuff'

  • Actionable 'assignments' designed to get your 'sales stuff' up to snuff!

  • After the session you'll receive my notes, resources, your assignments and a recording of the session.


  • You'll walk away with not only a plan of attack to completely revamp your sales stuff, but an understanding of how to best use your sales materials to overcome your career roadblocks and get the job you *really* want.