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Hey Fellow Wing Woman! 

Thanks so much for hanging out at The Wing with me.

As an extra thanks I wanted to give you a copy of my worksheet “52 Weekly Work Tips”! ONE GOAL. ONE ACTION. EACH DAY. 52 WEEKS. ONE YEAR. Just click here for your very own copy: BOOM

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In early 2019, which is crazy soon btw, I’m going to be offering a few very small group coaching programs (think slumber party vs. raging kegger). If you think you might want in - or even for me to create a Wing Women focused group - let me know below and I’ll keep you posted when things get up and running!

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If you’re looking for weekly inspiration, free career help and cute pics of my dogs but weren’t able to get on my list at our meeting - you can get on that right now:

Again, thanks for hangin’ with me and if there’s anything I can help you out with just holler!