Ditch The Fear and Take Control of Your Career


You’re exactly where you want to be in your career and you know where you’re going next. You’ve got a solid plan to get to that next step while being fulfilled doing the engaging work you dig so much. Your talents and skills are valued and used to the fullest.

You, my friend, are totally set up for success.

Are you yelling ‘THAT’S NOT A THING JERKFACE!’ at the screen? Yeah, thought so. Look. Here's the deal. It’s easy to get off track when it comes to your career. Somewhere along the way you lost your way and your confidence. You’re full of fear, unfulfilled, and mostly miserable - knowing you need a ‘better job’ - but having no friggin' clue what that even looks like or where to start.

What if it didn’t have to be that way?

What if:

  • YOU had a fully designed career plan with actionable goals that will get you engaged, fulfilled and completely digging your gig?

  • YOU were the annoying friend at happy hour who couldn’t shut up about her work day because she got to do all the cool shit she likes to do??

You can't even find that rad happy hour spot without GPS so why are you wandering around mapless when it comes to your career? 

So you feel completely stuck, but you're less afraid to go underwear shopping with your mother-in-law than “work on your career.” Ok, I get it, but just check out the results my clients have achieved:

  • The confidence to ditch an unfulfilling 9-5 and create their own special events business.

  • Getting a “dream job” that previously felt “out of her league” (because we all know job searching can be a lot like Tinder).  

  • Finding a truly meaningful career that, *surprise* wasn’t her current one.

  • Ditching “mind numbing” admin work for a completely new creative and challenging career.

  • Confidently applying for, and getting, a long-deserved promotion.

Plus all the badass stuff like, “clarity,” “self-confidence,” and “control.”


Road to Freedom!

“I didn’t know what direction to take my career in and was having a hard time figuring things out by myself. I was trapped in a toxic job and knew there was more to life than what I was doing. I was a bit nervous about working with a career coach since I was so eager for answers and to find my path but EB made it an enjoyable journey!” - Tara S.

My clients come to me because they want to ditch the fear, be motivated and confident about their careers or even launch new careers. The Career Crusher Sessions is all about 1:1 coaching where I take you through a 6 step process that defines your career path and goals so you can actually map out a plan and move forward. Basically, we get your career GPS in gear and get you results!

You get the personal attention of a 100%, focused-on-you partner and a proven step-by-step process that  focuses on milestones and real progress. Don't worry, "step-by-step" doesn’t mean one-size-fits-all, because seriously that's bullshit - have you tried one size fits all jeans? Didn’t think so. 

If you’re on the motivation struggle bus - get ready for some ass kicking accountability. Hey, I love wallowing on the couch in yoga pants while armpit deep in a bag of jalapeño kettle chips as much as the next gal, but I just won’t let you be lazy when it comes to your career. 

Once you take control and make a plan, motion happens and the 'stuck' feeling disappears.

certified career coach who’s worked in creative staffing and recruiting since 2007


I’m a certified career coach who’s worked in creative staffing and recruiting since 2007 and beyond wanting everyone to dig their gig, I believe you should design a career that fulfills you and gets you belting out the tunes in the shower every morning. I've had 2 other careers in my life: professor & creative staffer. I know both sides of the shiny, career coin and I can teach you how to have a career that doesn't suck.