'Sales stuff' Services

Once you know where you want to go, how do you get there? Sales baby. Yup, you gotta sell yourself. Your resume, online presence and networking abilities are your sales materials - make sure they make you shine!

  • Resume Reboot & LinkedIn Looker: I'll get my red pen on your resume and you'll walk away with a 100% recruiter approved doc that shows you off in the best way. I'll also review your LinkedIn profile and get you set up to be a connected superstar. If you're a creative I'll also audit your portfolio. Cuz honestly - how's your book look?


  • Networking Know How: No idea where to start? Don't freak - networking isn't so bad. Really. Let's work out an action plan to get you in front of the people you want to connect with. Where to find them, how to approach them and what to say once you've got their attention. 


  • Rock Any Interview: Need role playing practice? A stash of perfect interview questions in your back pocket? Want to know what they really want to hear your 'greatest weakness' is? I'll spill all my hiring manager secrets and get you ready to knock 'em dead! 

    Pricing starts at $197.