Career Crushers:

THe group Sessions

Yup - it IS time to take control of your career, find the fulfillment you want and start being that annoying person who sings in the shower on Monday mornings!

 group career coaching for women

Only 46% of women are happy in their jobs!

How do you change that? A plan. Well first you gotta figure out WTF you wanna do, THEN create a plan to make it happen.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You’re frustrated at your job

  • You’re afraid to make any kind of change (because who knows what will happen!?)

  • You don’t know what to do or where to start

  • You feel like everyone else has it figured out

It’s time to be bold, ditch the fear and own your career!

“Career Crushers” is a 6 week career transformation that will take you from “WTF should I do with my life?!” to fully designed career plan.

I know - sounds scary - and like… a lot of work. It is. And it is. In the best way!

“I’d never used a career coach before, now I feel I’m moving in the right direction. With EB’s help, I’ve focused on what my passions are and have been able to steer my career effectively.”

— S. M.

In just 6 weeks you’ll:

  • Discover what work will make you happy

  • Learn how to network into that work

  • Get a HUGE confidence boost

  • Map out spankin’ new career goals

  • Create a career design (aka “long term awesomeness” stuff)

  • Have clear next steps for your career

  • Leave the fear behind

“Career Crushers: The Group Sessions” starts in January 2019.

This is going to be a small group of like minded, supportive women who are stuck - just like you (think slumber party vs raging kegger - minus the hair braiding. But I don’t know what your frats were like - there might not have been braiding at your ragers… I’m sorry).

The group will ONLY have up to 10 women tops!

So why Career Crushers? Why now? Because if you don’t take control now - then when will you? Just take a second and visualize NOT changing anything. Where is your career one year from now? Two? Are you feeling scared, anxious or sad? That’s why now.

Over and over the statistics have shown that people who get coaching for their careers are 80-90% more likely to:

  • Have a greater satisfaction with life and work

  • Attain relevant goals

  • Gain increased confidence and decision-making skills

  • Improve their productivity

  • See a fresh perspective on personal challenges





A proven 6 step process for taking control of your career and finding the fulfillment you want.

 group career coaching and support

Weekly Zoom meetings, a dedicated (private) support community and actionable exercises are all at your laptop lovin’ fingertips. We will focus on RESULTS, SUPPORT and PUPPIES (because 100% guaranteed that my dogs will videobomb one or more of our sessions).

“You not only encouraged me to, but showed me how to think BIG You helped me take my ideas, dreams, and passions to a level outside of any restrictions, and were able to work with me to bring them back to real-life achievable pieces.

— K. Stevenson


My name is ErinBlythe, but you can call me EB. I'm a certified career coach from San Francisco who has helped dozens of clients leave the fear behind and reach their career goals through intentional career design.

Why? Because I want you to be happy in your career! Like belting out Beyonce into your organic loofah in the shower on Monday mornings, happy.


  • Waking up energized & excited

  • Having a clear path to career success

  • Ditching the fear like the bad trash it can be

  • Being fulfilled (finally)

  • Creating and reaching scary career goals

 career change group coaching

So what exactly will the group cover?

Week 1 -  Where are ya now? You can’t move forward until you know where you are

Week 2 - What’s Your Why? Why do you work?

Week 3 - What’s Your What & How? What is your work and how do you best work?

Week 4 - Puttin’ it all together - ok so what does it all mean?

Week 5 - Hit the library - not really - but it is research time!

Week 6 - Make. A. Plan.

Then after that you’ll receive a 1:1 session with me to audit your resume, Linkedin and website (if you need one) - a $447 value included free.

Plus bonuses!!

  • Personalized coaching exercises

  • Weekly career improving activities that you can implement ASAP

  • A Career Goal planner

  • My Extensive networking plan workbook

This is for you if:

📌You know you need a change but you have no idea WTF that entails.

📌You’re ready to do the work.

📌You are open to kicking all that fear out of the driver’s seat.

This is not for you if:

📌You are belligerently happy at work.

📌You’re miserable at work but you’re not ready to do anything about it.

📌You’re hoping for a magic wand type of situation. Sorry but you’re gonna have to do the work.


Why such a small group?

So I can guarantee personalized coaching! Less coachees = more time for you to get the attention you need.

Do I have to/get to talk in the group?

No and Yes. If you are a hardcore introvert who HATES group talk of any kind, no you do not have to speak (although I hope you DO raise your hand to get the help you want). Flipside - if you want lots of ‘hotseat’ time - it’s all yours!

Will I have a new job in 6 weeks?

Maybe, but most likely no. I mean, I dunno what the future holds - anything is possible - BUT this group is about teaching you how to find work that you will find fulfilling and then setting you up to get it not ramming you into a job for having a job’s sake.

What if I can’t make every session?

That is a-ok! Things happen, bosses schedule over your “conference call,” dogs need to go to the vet…. Recordings of all the sessions will be available to everyone.

What’s the Nitty Gritty?

Here's everything included In the program:

There is so much value included in this program it’s sorta, totally, freakin’ amazing.


These coaching sessions are based on my years of experience as a recruiter, hiring manager and career coach. The six-step process includes easy-to-follow action steps and personalized exercises to help you create your Career Design plan! There’s also intangible awesomeness of the support of other women in the group.  

($1,849 value)

1:1 Coaching Session With Me

Each group member will get a 1:1 Session with me where we will do a complete audit of your resume, LinkedIn & portfolio because once you know where you want to go, how do you get there? Sales baby. Yup, you gotta sell yourself like a Girl Scout sells Thin Mints.  Your resume, online presence and networking abilities are your sales materials - make sure they make you shine!

 ($447 value)



When you join the program, you'll immediately get some great bonuses to help you get results! The help that you'll get with these bonuses are things that I've spent many years perfecting and teaching.

($147 value)


You are going to ditch the fear, own your expertise and learn how to tell the world - all while defining a whole sackful of awesome career goals!

($1,000,000+++ value)

TOTAL VALUE = Almost $2500


(Payment Plan Available)