What Do You Value?

how to find your passion

Maybe you have a job, but you’re unfulfilled. Are you climbing the monetary ladder, but your gig isn’t in line with what you see yourself being happy doing long term?

Maybe you are looking to switch careers but have no idea which direction to turn. Maybe everyone is telling you you need to “Follow your passion!” but you have no freaking idea what that might be.

No matter what your situation, let me guess… you feel stuck, frustrated, lost annnnd you’re freaking out to varying degrees.

A) I feel you. I really, really do. I have been there my friend.

B) I’ve put together a few worksheets to help you out! Just click below to grab ‘em free here:

C) I’ve got good news! There is actually just one place to start!

Multiple studies have shown that people who do work that aligns with their values are more satisfied and successful in their careers than those who don’t.

So I’m going to ask you something really important here. What are your values?

Do your values and your job match up?

Clarifying just what our values are can feel self-indulgent so we often default to outside influences that tell us what we *should* value. But to even start figuring out what you want in a career (or life for that matter), you need to begin by figuring out who you really are.

Often what we are told we are supposed to want, or feel that logically we “need” to do in our careers veers far from what actually makes us happy, whole individuals.

Only when you take the time to be honest, dig deep and come to a genuine understanding of what makes you truly happy, will you come to an understanding of what kind career will be meaningful to you.

Basically, what I’m saying, is screw Aunt Susan and her belief that you should be a therapist and figure out what work will be meaningful to you.

The idea of what is ‘meaningful’ work is different for literally every person on the planet. If ‘meaningful’ to you is making enough money to never have to worry about ordering extra avocado - that’s great!

If ‘meaningful’ to you is helping a non-profit that cares for orphans, awesome! But it needs to be meaningful… to you.

Some ‘experts’ advise focusing this line of questioning on your career solely - but I believe your career values and your life values need to line up or you just aren’t going to be a happy camper.

So,  be honest with yourself and dig deep.

  • Do you value social change or being of service?

  • Do you value your community or a life of traveling like a nomad?

  • Do you value creativity and/or problem solving?

  • Do you value financial reward? (That’s 100% ok btw!)

You have to ask yourself, what are the values that are most significant to you. Right now.  

To help you determine your values and figure out what work will be meaningful for you, only you, and totally not Aunt Susan, don’t forget to download your free 5 Big Questions worksheets. 

Yours in career goodness,

EB Sanders

P.S. Once you’ve got your values all clear check out The Four Creative Career Types assessment for your next steps (it’s free and crazy useful!)