Your Job Was Eliminated, Now What?

how to get a new job

Starting Over is Never Easy - But it Can Be Awesome

Technologies, industries, and markets all change. Think about it. When was the last time you called your friendly, local travel agent? If you are in a role that is being diminished due to change what do you do?

Reinventing yourself and starting over after you’ve had so much experience within a field and being older than a lot of your ‘competition’ is terrifying. However, if you’re forced to make a change, do it on your terms. 

Realize that you do have options.

If you want to stay in your current company:
Number one - you need to talk to your manager about your concerns. A good manager will have your back and support your growth.

how to get a new job

Does your company have another role you’d be a good fit for? Go talk to HR. But don’t just go plop down and yell “HELP ME” -  go in with a plan. In most cases, you need to go after an internal job just as you would for any other opening: outline your skills, successes and wants against the company’s needs.

Even if an alternate role is not immediately available, can you transition by starting to take on other responsibilities while doing your current role as well?

If you plan on sticking around your old stomping grounds make sure to:
1- Highlight your transferable skills at every opportunity.
2- Show your experience/age for the asset it is - you’ve worked on ALL the clients? Great!
3- Start molding your LinkedIn and resume to reflect your skills and experience as they relate to the new role you’re going for - yes even for internal jobs. It will help you to see yourself in that role.

If you want to stay in same field but move into another role:
1- Create a list of your field specific transferable skills.
2- Network your ass off!
3- Again, focus on your experience & age for the asset they are.
4- This is the time to research. What new types of roles are opening up in the industry? Start checking out job listings for roles you might be interested in - and check that against your list of transferable skills. Any big gaps? Try taking on a new project, take a course etc.

Whatever you need to do to fill the gap. Alternative qualifications and experience can be offered up as proof of your abilities. As a good rule of thumb, if you can make an argument for an 80% match between your skills and the skills required for the position you’re interested in - apply.
5- Update your LinkedIn, portfolio and resume to reflect your skills and experience as they relate to the new role you’re going for - not your past experiences. Focus on highlighting all the reasons you are right for the new gig.

If you want to take this as a chance to make a big change:         

Your role is being eliminated and you’re up for making a full on change? Awesome! More power to ya mamma! This is your chance for some deep dive internal desires type of investigating. This is the time to outline both your long-term goals as well as your short-term objectives. Your true interests, skills and wants should drive your career path - not just what happens to be available.

    1.    Start by listing out what abilities, interests, skills, things you like doing, things you’re good at AND enjoy.
    2.    What you value. What is important to you.
    3.    What you want your day-to-day to look like (lottery winning aside)
    4.    Create a list of potential careers based on the answers to 1-3.
    5.    Research, research, research. Find out if those careers REALLY line up with your ideals. Experiment, volunteer, research, talk to people. etc.

The overwhelm at a time like this can absolutely be crushing. But viewed as an opportunity for growth and change instead of a doomed situation - changing roles can open up all sorts of amazing experiences you never knew were possible.

BRB I need to go ask the phone operator for the time…..

Yours in career goodness,


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