Want To Be Better At Your Job? Get Outta Town!

Be Better At Your Job

***News update*** I am consciously uncoupling with my work.

Now, now, stop crying.... I'm not quitting or anything. I’m going on friggin’ vacation!! And you should too. I mean, not with me… but like, on your own.

Now, I know a lot of people who go on vacation by “only” checking email once or twice a day. I go on vacation by wrapping my technology in barbed wire and reading the trashiest novels/mags/back of cereal boxes I can find.

And you absolutely should too. Why? Because, you return inspired, rested and ready to jump in. Because, contrary to popular belief, it's GOOD for your career! Because, you just need to.

A recent report found that workers who took AT LEAST 11 vacation days were exponentially more likely to have received either a raise or a bonus in the previous few years than those who took 10 or fewer vacation days.

So, with that kind of data in mind. I’m packing my flip flops, my sunscreen and closing the laptop.

See you on the other side of sunburn my friends!

Now, this research focuses on people who work more than 35 hours a week and receive paid time off from their employers and I know not everyone has the resources to pack up and head to the Bahamas but research shows that even just taking your lunch break to walk through the park offers many of the same benefits.

However, from 2000 to 2015 Americans starting taking a full week’s worth LESS of their allotted vacation days. A FULL WEEK of sun, sand, trashy novels and no snooze button.

I think it’s safe to say you can blame the recession for this, that workers feel that they have to show that they’re indispensable and that taking time off is seen as “slacking” but the data completely disagrees. Like…. completely. Seriously, the smartypants at Harvard said so!

The data proves it: the more vacation you take, the more you destress from your job, the better you are at your job and the more productive you are for your employer. Meaning?

Win, win, win. For everyone involved.

Nodding your head but your bank account in screaming NOT NOW!!!? Even just planning a vacation (whether you actually take it or not) still makes you better at your job! Freaky awesome right?

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