How To Find A Career That Makes You Happy (Finally!)

How to find a career that makes you happy

Here's the deal. You know that feeling you've got right now? That "Totally lost, I'm stuck, WTF am I even supposed to do with my career, Can't someone just tell me what I'm supposed to be doing?!?" feeling?

Man it sucks doesn't it? I know that feeling.

I've been through two major career shifts of my own and have since helped dozens of clients, just like you, figure out WTF they want to do and how to get there.

So, no you don't have to do it alone. Promise. However, only you can know what's right for you.

I'm here to tell you that it doesn’t take months of going back to school, years of trial and error or even days of pulling your hair out. You just need to grab your beverage of choice, find a quiet spot, snag a pen, fresh google doc, collage paper or whatever you like to roll with and really dig deep. You need to be honest with yourself and ask yourself a few (super deep) questions that will get your career GPS all rebooted in the right direction!

You can ask things like:

What are my top 3 personal strengths?

What am I yearning for?

What do I value most and how can I honor that?

Basically ask yourself those ‘deep’ things you know are really important but that you don’t give time to consider on a daily basis.

If you want a free workbook with the “5 Big Questions” I would ask you, then enter your info below before continuing:

Got it? Great! Now that you’ve got your answers you need to take two more steps:

  1. What was your biggest 'A-Ha!' or takeaway? This should be the thing that feels most significant to you at this moment in your life.

  2. List 5 ways your A-Ha could impact your career.

Phew! That was some serious introspection.

Don't be surprised if in the next few days you tweak a few of your answers or have another A-Ha! moment (or two, or six). That's totally normal, expected, and awesome!

Your next step is to begin looking at your career and evaluate how your your big takeaways can be incorporated into your daily worklife.

Yours in career goodness,


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