Want To Get Ahead? It's Simple Really...


I have a basic life philosophy that I work in to all aspects of coaching with my clients.

Don’t. Be. A. Dick.

Don’t be a dick:

  • To your coworkers

  • To the receptionist

  • To the sandwich deli guy

  • To the the weird little intern

  • To yourself

Just don’t. There is no reason to. We all have our baggage, and our stressors, and our buttons. But there is no need to be a dick. Ever.

Yes we all know that one douche canoe. That guy that is just a stereotypical sleazebag who somehow became successful (and seriously... what the hell man?!?) But you don’t want to hang out with that guy and you certainly wouldn’t recommend him for that opening at your job right?

You will get more jobs, promotions, projects and successes in your life, than you ever thought possible, just by not being a dick. You don’t have to be a perky, demure doormat - on the contrary. Be honest and speak up about issues, problems and concerns, just don’t blame them on other people. Offer solutions. Be collaborative. Work with others instead of competing against them at every turn.

We all want to work with people who well, we work well with. When your opinion is asked about who on your team should receive a promotion, (Player A or Player B) and they’re both equally skilled and experienced but Player B steals lunches out of the fridge, takes credit for others’ work and is condescending to the young account execs…. you’re totally going to vote for Player A right? Now remember - they’re both equally qualified for the job. Moral of the story - don’t be Player B.

Look, I’m not saying you need to go all Pollyanna on us, just that (weird concept alert) treating people with basic respect and courtesy can take you farther than you thought possible, oh and it’s just the decent, human thing to do.

Here are 10 things you can do, to actively not be a dick:

  1. Offer to help a coworker who's obviously struggling

  2. Give credit to those who help you

  3. Step in on that project that nobody else wants to do

  4. Don’t interrupt someone while they’re speaking in a meeting

  5. Hold the elevator

  6. Ask the support staff how they're doing - and actually listen to their responses

  7. Encourage the intern

  8. Acknowledge when you've made a mistake - and fix it

  9. Champion someone else's ideas

  10. Be a mentor

But wait, there’s more! You also, need to follow the same advice when it comes to yourself. Don’t be a dick… to you. Yup. I said it. Daily affirmations and bathroom mirror pep-talks may not be your thing and that’s totally cool, but you shouldn’t shit-talk yourself either. Good rule of thumb? If you wouldn’t dare say it to someone else’s face - don’t say it to yours.

You gotta be nice to you! Remind yourself that you were hired for your skill set and that it’s valued (see: paycheck). Being confident in your skills, being aware that you’re a valuable team member and believing in your ability to get the job done - will make you a great employee that other people want to work with, help out and help up.

So, how about we all say it together? Don’t be a dick!


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Yours in career goodness-

EB Sanders