8 Reasons Not to Hire a Career Coach

Except you should totally hire a career coach....

There are a million reasons to hire a career coach:

They can offer clarity, direction, motivation, act as an accountability buddy or as someone to metaphorically kick your ass towards your goals. But they’re not for everyone. Here are 8 instances where hiring a career coach just isn’t for you:
1. You don’t want to create a career strategy.

You’ve achieved all the things you could possibly want from a career: fulfillment, fun, meaning, money and it all just happened! You clearly don’t need a big picture of how to get where you want in life & career because you’ve got it All. Figured. Out.            
2. You don’t want to set goals and be held accountable.
You could care less that goal setting is essential to make progress in anything (much less your career) and the thought of someone helping you reach those goals makes you want to punch a teddy bear in the face. Punch away my friend!
3. You don’t want to build your confidence and understand your unique value.
You’re fine thinking that you have nothing of value to offer employers, or yourself. Everything’s coming up rosy with your not understanding how your uniqueness and experience makes you a stellar candidate. You definitely have no desire to be able to confidently state why you’re the one for the job. That’s great - run a long now.
4. You don’t want to make decisions about the evolution of your career.
You’ve got a plan! It’s the no-plan plan! You’re totally just going to put your head down and assume the things you want for yourself will totally just happen! You are a Jr. Project Manager now - but of course you’ll make CMO at some point with your no-plan, plan. Sheesh, I’ll stop bugging you now. I mean, you’ve had the same hairdo since 6th grade, ‘evolving’ just ain’t your bag. Choice rat-tail bro!
5. You don’t want to learn lifelong career skills.  
Conflict resolution?
Relationship building?
Phhhtthbbth. Who needs ‘em. Not you (with your spiffy no-plan, plan!)
6. You don’t want to launch a new career or advance in your current one.
You’re perfectly happy stuck in a role with no growth, money, or responsibility in a field you hate. Period.
7. You don’t need any help telling your story or selling yourself.
You totally know what experienced recruiters are looking for and all your personal sales materials tell your story in a way that makes them all want to call you!
You’re totally gonna ‘wing’ those interviews you’re going to line up when employers just realize that you exist and are perfect for them because story, schmorey… this ain’t children’s hour at the library!
8. You’re perfectly happy just throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks.

Maybe literally. I dunno. But so far it’s worked pretty well for your career right? Well done you!
Now, clearly you don’t need one but  if you were going to hire a career coach, where would you even find one? For your ‘friend’ … here are a few great resources below:
The Muse has a wealth of coaches and coaching options
LinkedIn has a great service to help you find just the right coach
The ICF or International Coach Federation has a great Coach Finder service

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