Why You Need a LinkedIn Profile and How to Make it Work for You

how to write a linkedin profile

Yes you need a LinkedIn profile and there’s 4 compelling reasons why:

#1 Recruiters live and die by it. I know this because I was a recruiter for a long time! It is just the hub that we use beyond our referral network and candidates we already have in our pipeline, LinkedIn is where we find the talent. and it's how we network with talent, it’s how we keep up with who’s new in the market.

LinkedIn is THE recruiter platform. If you want to reach recruiters you need to be where they are - on LinkedIn.

#2 Personal networking. Not just with recruiters but with: things you're genuinely interested in out in the wider world, people who have the positions you’re interested in getting, alumni, potential mentors, people doing things you’re generally interested in. All of that networking can take place on LinkedIn in a much less ‘personal Investment’ sort of way since you’re not standing in front of someone and awkwardly offering them your card.

Networking is the reason LinkedIn exists and it is the pinnacle, the go to, the source for strategic networking.

#3 Job opportunities. A lot of companies don't use the wider job boards they just post openings on LinkedIn. Beyond job postings, if you’re following a company on LinkedIn, you can get the inside track on any/all opportunities they may have. If a company you follow posts about winning new business, creating a new product line, opening a new office… that means they’re most likely hiring staff to take care of those things. This is THE time to connect with people in the organization! Take advantage of current job opportunities and create future opportunities for yourself.

#4 General information and learning. You can do the formal LinkedIn learning - which includes online courses for everything from software to management skills. You can also watch videos that recruiters, HR reps and companies are posting. You can watch inspirational talks that people post.

You can also keep an eye on what people who inspire you are posting in their feed. Their feed will be populated with things they find important which can give you an in when connecting with them. Does something they post resonate with you? Let them know.

Those are your four big reasons why, yes, you have to have a LinkedIn presence: for being accessible to recruiters, networking, finding job opportunities and learning and development in your career. All of these, together with a kick ass profile, are things you can do to further your career that you just can’t skip. It can help you get a promotion, a new job, and create general career success because it allows you to see the bigger picture of what’s going on in your field and it allows you to broaden your network in a way that you just couldn't possibly do one on one, in person at a local networking event.

It is such a valuable tool, that is free for you to use, that I can't stress enough to job seekers and career climbers how important LinkedIn is. So please, make sure it’s a resource you’re taking advantage of.

If you’d like some very specific tips on how to get a kick-ass, recruiter magnet, profile just click here for a free checklist.

Once you’ve set up your profile connect with me! I’d love to join your network!

Yours in career goodness,