20 Things Recruiters Want You to Know

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I’ve been a recruiter for many years and somehow I’m still constantly surprised by how both candidates and the hiring managers view us. Basically we’re here to help you. Both sides. But there’s a few things you guys just don’t get. With that - I give you:

20 Things Recruiters Want You to Know

1. We have 329 unread LinkedIn connect requests. At all times. If we don’t connect with you right away, trust me when I tell you it’s not personal.

2. We constantly receive resumes that don’t tell us what the candidate actually does! If your summary reads: ‘A passionate, results minded professional’?! I need (like really need) to know… In what? Are you passionate about cows? Are you a yarn sales professional?

3. Our phones are ringing... constantly. That’s why we never answer.

4. We get approximately 27 emails a day from people saying they’re “right” for "any" job we have open. Nope. Be specific. What skills? Which job? Saying you’d be good at all of them makes me feel as if you’re not specialized in any of them.

5. Getting asked about the intricate nature of health benefits plans. We don’t know. We are not HR.  

6. People constantly ask us technical questions about LinkedIn. We have no idea how their new algorithm works or what the different levels of membership mean. Sorry.

7. Connections like our 3rd cousin’s-boyfriend’s-roommate ask if we could look over their resumes 'real quick.' All. The. Time.

8. We get cover letters with "Dear, Wrong Name" … daily. Just do a basic proofread of your email. Please. I beg you.

9. We’ve all had a hiring manager tell us they want the perfect candidate, for exactly 1/2 the market rate and “no,” they don't have time to interview them. There’s nothing we can really do about it. Yes, it sucks.

10. We’re consistently having to wipe sweaty palm prints and coffee spills off conference room tables after nervous candidates. It’s ok though. We totally get it.

11. We don’t actually care what anyone's “5 year plan” is. It’s not that we don’t think you shouldn’t have one - but the likelihood of you being at this company for 5 years isn’t super high.

12. We spend a lot of time trying to stop an epic eye-roll when someone tells you their “biggest weakness” is being "too much of a perfectionist." Just don’t. Nuh unh.

13. Please know, scheduling interviews with more than one hiring manager = hell. Pure hell.

14. Not getting Thank You notes. Of any kind. Email, handwritten, skywriting, whatever. Sue us! We like Thank You notes!

15. We are genuinely scared when eager candidates send us food items in the mail. We’d dare touch exactly none of it. We don’t know you! We are definitely not eating food you send us!

16. We hate having to send the “You didn’t get the job” emails. It’s the worst.

17. We really hate having to tell someone (who totally aced the interview) that 5 mins after they left the building a hiring freeze went into effect and now you can't hire them. SO much shit is just out of our control.

18. We get a little glassy-eyed looking at the 25th intern portfolio of the day that looks shockingly similar to the 24 others you just scrolled through. We’re much less harsh than you think - but something original would be a nice change of pace.

19. We really love the squeals of joy when an offer is accepted (from both HR and the candidate!)

20. We feel serious pride, and more than a little bit of ‘ownership,’ when a candidate we fought for gets the gig and absolutely crushes it. It just might be our favorite thing.

Recruiters REALLY are there to help you get the job. Our job is get a butt in that seat - and we want it to be the right butt! If you want to know more about how to use a recruiter to make your career life super fantastico - you should peep this post: 5 Ways to Use a Recruiter to Get a Better Job & Salary

While you’re at it, get a LinkedIn setup that’s 100% recruiter approved with a free LinkedIn Cheatsheet here. You are one click away from LinkedIn greatness!

Your’s in career goodness-


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