How To Feel Motivated To Make a Change


Ahhhhhh good 'ol "Back to School" time. Unlike Trix, it's not just for kids!

Remember your OG ‘Back to School’ days? Dreams of colorful pens, clean notebooks, new books (with that particular smell). New locker combo, new book bag, new desk, then soon enough new dorm mate, new professors, new… everything.

Remember thinking “THIS semester I’m going to buckle down and DO it!” Everything gets put ever-so-neatly into the planner, colorful tabs and all. The calendar is meticulously populated. The new books are covered… with book covers, the clean notebooks soon…. aren’t. The homework has lagged, the new books are still mostly un-cracked because “life” got it the way.

Remember how it was? Except for that one class. The one you really liked, but had “nothing” to do with your major. It was fun, but really…. It didn’t “count.” Even though it was the only class you got perfect attendance in - and did ALL the extra credit - and you thought the final was super easy (even though it looks like a bunch of people struggled with it - what was with that?) I mean, it WAS the best class ever but SO not on your career ‘track.’

Somehow this pattern follows us into our professional lives. We get all excited about a new job, a new role, a new company and we swear it will be different… until it isn’t.

That job over there, the one that looks fun and interesting and easy and challenging but in the best way…. but it’s not just on your career ‘track’ - it’s not what you were trained to do, or got your degree in, or people think is worthwhile… so you don’t give it more brainspace. Until this time of year.

If you were raised in the American public school system…. (whether you’ve got kids or not), September is “Back to School” season. The time of year when new beginnings feel possible.

Don’t misunderstand me - I believe it’s ALWAYS a good time to hit restart, to make the changes you want - but I know that there’s just something about these weeks in fall that just FEEL new-starty. For many people, it feel even more so than New Years.

If it takes it Back to School “season” to make you feel motivated to make a change - do it! Learn the new thing! Take the new job! Figure out what you REALLY want and go for it!

Lucky for you this doesn't have to take place in a classroom (although it absolutely can if that’s your jam). The wonders of technology will never cease to amaze and have made it possible for you to do a little learnin' of your own - all while sportin’ your rattiest jammies.

You can take classes to beef up your skills.

You can join a writing program and finally learn how to write that book.

You can learn from the ultimate pros and learn something that may spark a career change!

There’s a whole wide world of learning and growing to take advantage of this back to school season. Just don’t forget an apple for the teacher!!

If you want some one on one teaching to learn how to ditch the fear and design a career you friggin' love - I invite you to go ahead and book your free consult call before the bell rings!