How to Be Inspired on the Job When You’re Just Tapped Out

Find on the job inspiration

There are a million reasons why you may be tapped out at the inspiration pump.

For me, right at this moment, it’s because it's officially summer. Like for real deal, mid-July, summer. If you're like me, my clients or literally anyone who has a job right now.... you're probably feeling totally sapped of inspo and just want to lay on the couch watching crappy daytime TV and eating microwave burritos like summer breaks of yore.

Look, it’s totally understandable. And while not fixable, at least work-aroundable. First off, acknowledge it’s actually, truly summer (or the dead middle of winter) - whenever it is you lose your mojo.

Now acknowledge that you’re a grown person and not in school so you don’t get 3 months off anymore (unless you’re like… European and we’re all jealous of you).

I get it - I was an academic. My brain is hardwired to turn off between June and mid-August and then I ramp up again full on. I know how difficult it can be difficult to be behind a monitor all day and scrolling through those super curated, ‘influencer’ insta feeds of croatian beach vacations while you’re in line for a wilted salad ain't helpin'!

So, instead of trying to force yourself to do business as usual - as much as your job allows, cut yourself some slack and give yourself a little leeway.

Then go ahead and try some of my summertime “lack of inspo” tricks:

1. Take advantage of weather and take 15 minute walk outside with your fave ice coffee and why not learn a little Spanish while you’re at? That way when you’re ready for that early fall vacation to Spain that you’re saving for - you’ll be ready!

2. Speaking of Spain… plan a vacation! Whether it’s a full 2 weeks in Europe or a day trip up the coast - just planning a trip has proven psychological benefits!

3. Knock out some of those mindless tasks you keep pushing to the bottom of your to do list cuz you just don’t wanna do ‘em. Put on a rad podcast like 2 Dope Queens or Reply All and know out a few of those tasks. When you’re ready to gear back up in a few weeks - all that stuff that’s been nagging at you will be done!

4. Find a new outlet. Your lady friends at work feeling just like you? Bookclub the trashiest beach read you can find. Have a lunch on a patio, take your salads to the park and dish on your favorite parts.

5. Break up your pre/post work gym routine. Find a new waterside route to jog instead. Go throw a frisbee with friends in the late summer sun and relieve your stoner college days. Just shake it up (my fave? Zumba with the old ladies at the Chinatown Y!)

6. Pin up a $5 bill in your cubie and treat yourself to a gelato at lunch on Friday (or fro yo, or a couple tacos - whatever your jam is - I mean hey… it could be jam. $5 buys a decent jar of jam right?)

7. So maybe you can't really slack off at all (boo) BUT you CAN jam (what is WITH the jam?!). I meant In the musical way. Slap on your headphones and crank a summer themed playlist.

Ahhhh that's better.


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