Bullet Journal Collection Ideas For Your Career



Are you into bullet journaling? Or BuJo as the cool kids call it? It’s something I’m just getting into but realize that I’ve done basically my whole life. I’m not a journaler, diary keeper, reflection writer. But I am a champion list maker!

Man I love me a list. I love making them and checking shit off them once completed! Add colors and stationary? SOLD. Now, if you are a long form journaler - this can be an intriguing way to track your days, outcomes, goals etc in a totally new and inspiring way.

You can keep a tracker or “collection” on seriously, anything. If you want to learn more about how to set up your own bullet journal try here, here or here.

Once you’re all set up - check out these collection ideas to keep your career on track!


General Planning

  • Calendar

  • Annual Review Planning

  • Conference Dates and Locations

  • Master To-Do List

  • Yearly Goals

  • Company Parties

  • Hours Worked

  • Professional Goals

  • Milestones

  • Employment History


    • Weekly/Monthly/Yearly Schedule

    • Big Cleanout Projects

    • Renovation/Upgrade Ideas

    • Desk cleanout

    • Filing system

    • Office Supply Items Wish List/Need to Buy

    • Master Snacks/Beverages List

    • Technology Maintenance

    • Password Log

    Finances and Money

    • Business Expenses

    • Client Savings Tracker

    • Client Debt Tracker

    • Business Loan Repayment

    • Income

    • Monthly Bills

    • Monthly Budget

    • Invoices

    • Lease Payment Tracker

    • Company Credit Card Account Info

    • Projections


    • Lunch Schedule

    • Potluck Duties

    • Parties

    • Emergency Contacts

    • Birthdays

    • Hire Date Anniversary Tracker


    • Yearly Goals

    • 1:1 Meeting Tracker

    • Staff Meeting Tracker/Log

    • Issues to Discuss

    • Promotion Planner


    • Schedule of Coffee Dates

    • Contacts

    • LinkedIn Connection Tracker

    • Pitch Tracker

    • Email Outreach Tracker

    Health and Wellness

    • Workout Log

    • Clean Eating Lunch and Snack Ideas

    • Office Yoga Times

    • Lunch Walk Tracker

    • Things to Do Instead of Snack

    • Steps Tracker

    • Eye Rest Tracker

    • Medical Appointments

    • Water Tracker

    • Gratitude Log


    • Cold Call Tracker

    • Monthly Progress Tracker

    • Sponsorship Opportunities

    • Marketing Ideas

    • Income Diversification Ideas

    • Company Social Content Management

    • Leadership Opportunities

    • Website Update

    • Resource Library Items

    • Possible Partnerships

    • Company Reorg Possibilities

    • Shift Schedule

    • IT Backup Logs

    • Client Call Cheat Sheet


    • Capsule Work Wardrobe

    • Big Wins Tracker

    • Things At Work that Make Me Happy

    • Vacations

    • Things I Excel At

    • Podcast Ideas

    • Inspirational Quotes

    • Things to Streamline

    • Daily Affirmations

    • Doodles

    • Skills to Use

    • Dream Team Tracker

    • Steps to Relaxation & Calm

    • Programs to Try

    • Products to Try

    Job Hunt

    • Monthly Calendar

    • Yearly Calendar

    • Places I Have Applied To

    • Ideal Company List

    • Interview Checklist

    • Cover Letter Checklist

    • Resume Updates

    • Contacts to Call

    • Interview Log

    Work Travel

    • Monthly Calendar

    • Yearly Calendar

    • Places I Have Been This Year

    • Restaurant Bucket List

    • Packing Checklist

    • Pre-Travel Checklist (hotel, car rental, flight, etc)

    • Hotels I Like

    • Airline Mileage Plan Info

    • Flight Miles Log

    • Things to Do In (City, Country, etc)

    • Toiletries Inventory

    • Favorite Places for Client Meetings

    • Drive Planner

    • Car Mileage Log

    • Car Maintenance Log


    • Books to Read

    • Podcasts to Download

    • Courses to Take

    • Documentaries to Watch

    • Magazines to Download

    • Certificate Ideas

    • Blogs/Websites to Read

    • Periodical Release Dates

    • Skills to Learn

    • Study Guides

    • Test Days Calendar

    • Progress Tracker

    I can’t imagine you’ll need even a fraction of these ideas, but hopefully they will inspire you to organize your career in a new way. But beware, once you start with this stuff, you’re gonna be the crazy adult with like 12 colored pens, 3 rolls of washi tape and an actual paper journal in your purse. It’s a thing.

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