Visualize Work Not Sucking

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Career fulfillment is a 100% personal concept.

Fulfillment doesn’t mean you need to wake up every day with hearts and rainbows in your eyes about your job, but it does need to mean that you get true satisfaction from it - beyond a paycheck. What is fulfilling for one person could be a nightmare for another so you will need to define what “fulfillment” means -  for you.

I work mostly with clients that are unfulfilled in their current jobs - but they often can’t tell me why. They've never asked themselves why either.  I’ve even had several clients in creative fields who spent all day being creative for clients but forgot how to be creative in their own lives and careers.

Needless to say it didn’t take too many sessions to get them to understand what was missing for them.

One exercise I go through with my clients is one that almost ALL coaches use. It doesn’t matter if you coach basketball, chess or careers, the same truly effective, awesomely creative, exercise is: visualization.

The reason it works is that when you visualize things, your brain (because it’s a strange mushy lump we’ll never really understand) believes that it is real. It makes space and time for the activity visualized to be real, because it thinks it already is. Trippy right?

I know, I know, career “fulfillment” isn’t a free throw. But if you're honest and creative in your visualizations, what will become clear to you is what will truly make you feel fulfilled in your career.

NOTHIN’ BUT NET!!! Too much? You get me though right?

I ask my clients to sit in a meditation like pose and visualize their ideal workday (assuming they didn’t win the lottery and are not on their own private yacht complete with putt-putt course and they still have to bring home a paycheck). I ask them to get really, real.

To visualize everything from the time they wake up to what they do before they leave the house to what day to day tasks they engage in. I ask them to visualize sights, smells and sounds of that ideal day down to what they have for lunch and with where they eat it before they complete their ideal work for the day.

The really creative part comes next. To make it tangible I ask them to write it out as a narrative or draw an image that represents the bulk if that visualization. Some do mindmaps, others collages.

But why the arts and crafts?

In this exercise, you will find that the things you choose to spend your time making tangible on paper are things that mean the most to you. The things that truly fulfill you. The next step is to take that knowledge and work it in to your living, breathing career.


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