You Need A Support System


I’m going to keep this short because I already went on a bit of a rant on Instagram a little while back (you can watch me get all venty here). I got all ranty about this thing going around the internets touting the concept of being “Self-Made.”  All inspo and yelly-like “I’M SELF MADE!” I call bullshit.

Nobody is self-made. I don’t care who you are or what you’ve done - you cannot do it alone.

Sure, you can do - and have done- amazing things but nobody can do it alone. You hafta have help!

You gotta have partners.

Or a posse.

Or puppies.

Look, maybe you are doing a lot of things on your own but maybe your motivation is that you’re doing it for someone else:

  • You’re a single mom doing it for the kids

  • You’re a dad supporting a family

  • You’re a big sister who wants to show your little sister that anything is possible

  • You’re a spouse who wants to contribute equally to the household

  • You’re a friend who makes people happy with your creations

Whatever it is, whoever it is- you are not doing anything alone.

You’re not in a vacuum.

You’re not on a deserted island.

You need people. We all need people. Those people can be your coworkers, your customers, the barista who makes your daily coffee, the friend who proofreads your cover letters, the parent who believes in you, the designer who helped you out on that project, that college buddy who meets you for happy hour….  

You need a support system and you are a support system.

So, go ahead. Ask for the help you need. Offer help when you can. Thank the people in your life. 

Yours in career goodness-


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