How To Change Your Life


Are you one of the millions of peeps who are sitting there all annoyed at the bajillion “New Year New You” inspo quotes that are filling your feeds right now…. annnnnd yet, you do feel like maybe yeah, it is time for a change? 

Amen sister. But how, and what?  If you wanna change something up, but have no idea exactly what - here are four tried and true ways to get your creative thinking juices oozing. Ew.

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#1 Get out of your rut: This can be small or major. Everything from journaling 5 mins in the morning to deciding to ditch the auto and ride your bike to work for a month. Sometimes making any change in your daily routine opens you up to new thoughts and insights. Swapping your morning podcast for a hard copy novel or choosing a new route to walk home opens you up to new experiences, risks and opportunities. It’s not about perfecting the thing (give yourself 100% permission to fail in that new pottery class) it’s about changing up your brain. Once you start thinking about things in new ways - the parts of your life that could use a change will bubble up to the surface.

#2 You Do You: As in, do your own thing. As long as you don’t hurt anyone, break some “rules” and expectations. Does your posse of work buddies always eat their sad salads at the communal table? Go for a walk at lunch and get yourself those bangin’ tacos from that tiny joint on 3rd street. Eat them without judgement AND enjoy that walk back. Do you and your partner have typical weeknight routine because she always “needs a full 8” so goes to bed at 9? Get a dog sitter, break out of your norm for a night and do something you’d normally only do on a weekend. Have you always wanted to do a little cosplay but never have because your big sister told you it was the nerdiest thing ever? Slap on a wig, your superhero outfit and nab that ticket to Comi-con. Doing something that truly makes you happy - no matter what other people might think. Away from judging eyes you may just find the thing in your life that needs a little changing. 

#3 Get Creative: Grab some pens, a pencil or crayons and have at it. Stream of conscience writing, meditative coloring, and drawing all allow your mind to zen out and get in a flow state. Play with some clay or just DANCE. IT. OUT. Letting your brain just do it’s thing while you get all creative helps unlock the bits of your brain that make the decisions happen. 

#4 Reflect, no not in the mirror dummy…. : It’s time to look back at decisions you’ve made and actions you’ve put in play.  Also, poke around at dreams you left by the wayside and goals you just never made happen because life happened. Get really creative with both the data and your analysis of it. Focus not just on facts, but your feelings about how things went down. After you’ve done the post-mortem of the past, move forward with some innovative ideas on what changes you can make to create a new future. 

Maybe after all this, just the act of doing a few things to let your brain run nuts - is all you need. Maybe not. Maybe you found something that you're excited to jump into changing. There is no "right" outcome. You do you. 


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