How to Get Your Next Great Gig in Four Simple Steps

You're struggling with even how to begin when it comes to job growth and let me tell you…  you're not alone.

Most people get overwhelmed even thinking about ALL THE THINGS they need to do in order to get a ‘better job.’
Breathe, take a step back, breathe again and check out my series #clearpathtojobgrowth for the four things you need to get moving and get yourself into a job you love. That’s it. Four simple steps to get you your next great gig. You can do four things right? If your first thought is "But I don't wannnnaaaa" - you're in luck because step one is all about how to find the motivation to, well, wanna.
The four steps:
    1.    Find The Motivation
    2.    Make A Plan
    3.    Tell Your Story
    4.    Build An Audience
Each post gets into the nitty gritty deets, but if you’re short on time check out the recap of all four steps below!
Step 1: Motivation
3 motivation techniques to get you off your ass and your career in gear.
Sometimes we all need a swift kick in the motivational area. Try one of these techniques if you’re looking for growth but have no idea how to even start making it happen:
See It and Be It: ‘visualize the prize’ is the real deal.
Flip the Script: The theory is that when you frame things as “I should do,” or “I ought to” vs “I want to” you hold yourself back.
Eat the Elephant: Take your huge task and break it down into to small, actionable steps that are concrete and accomplishable:
The first step to defining and achieving your career goals is getting off your butt, putting one foot in front of the other and just moving. I know, I know… it’s daunting. But it only takes a little action to make a lot happen.
Step 2: A Plan
How to Get a Better Job? (Start With Defining Better)
You want a better job. Ok. Sure. But what in the world do you mean by that?
You need to define “better” for yourself. To do that, you need to do a little simple math. It’s a simple formula though: X + Y + Z = Better Job
To Find X: What are truly the most import things to you?
To Find Y: Examine your current situation.
To Find Z: Define your ultimate career goal.
All these pieces need to work together or you’ll find yourself in the same place you are now in short order.
Step 3: A Story
How to Sell Yourself Into the Job You Want (The 3 Things You Need to Have)
    1.    LinkedIN (recruiters live and die by it)
    2.    Portfolio/Website (for creative gigs this is non-negotiable)
    3.    Resume (yes, still)
You need to get set up to sell yourself ASAP.
Where do you start? With your story. You need to start with a clear story of who you are, where you want to be, and why you want to be there.
Gather a list of 5-10 bullet points that highlight your unique value, impressive stats and skills you want to build on. Use these “Story Bullets” to build out your summary, job history, and ‘about me’ pages. Your LinkedIN, resume and website need to be cohesive and work together so using the same wording for your summaries on each will save you time and help you form your personal sales pitch.
A portfolio for creatives is a 100% must, but it can be invaluable to all type of professions.
What’s the first rule of story writing? Show, don’t tell. Well, a website let’s you show, not tell your skills. For many people building a website feels intimidating, but it can be a simple templated site.

Step 4: An Audience
Networking not working? (Start In Your Own Backyard)
If you want to tell your story and sell yourself, you need an audience. That means you do need to network. It’s not as hard as you think. You can (and should) even start in your own backyard.
Backyard: Reach out to your immediate network.
Past professional relationships: Reach out to your past employers, coworkers, clients and anyone else you worked with.
Influencers: Reach out to influencers in your community and career field.
Fellows in the field: Connect with other people who are currently doing the job you want.
The Professionals: Actively reach out to recruiters and hiring managers in your field.
The Masses: It’s time to get the word out on allllll the socials. LinkedIn, Facebook, your blog, Twitter, Instagram.
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