3 Ways To Get Motivated (AKA Get You Off Your Ass and Your Career in Gear)

In this 4-week series, #ClearPathToJobGrowth, I’m going to lead you through a step-by-step guide to the 4 things you need to get the job growth you’re looking for.

Here’s what’s coming up:
    1.    Motivation: How to Find the Motivation to Go for Growth (Get Of Your Ass And Your Career In Gear)
    2.    A Plan: How to Get a Better Job? (Start With Defining Better)
    3.    A Story: How to Sell Yourself Into the Job You Want (The 3 Things You Need to Have)
    4.    An Audience: Networking not working? (Start In Your Own Backyard)



If you’re like, well basically anyone, you want some well-earned career growth. But here’s the rub, nobody is going to hand it to you. Nope. You absolutely have to be your own best advocate. It’s not that the powers that be don’t care, but they’re too busy worrying about their own careers, departments and deliverables to check in on your career path.

  • Want to get a new job, where you’re actually listened to by your boss?

  • Been rocking it this quarter and you want a promotion?

  • Know you’d kill it on a certain account but haven’t made the move?

  • Make an impossible client happy and want to leverage that into a raise?

YES! You’re screaming (quietly to yourself in your cubicle) … but… but… you just can’t find the motivation to make it happen? I feel you. We all need a swift kick in the motivational area occasionally. Try one of these techniques if you’re looking for growth but have no idea how to even start making it happen:

1. See It and Be It

It sounds cheesy but ‘visualize the prize’ is the real deal. Studies have shown that just the act of visualization can produce a 45% success rate! And this is something you can do on the couch while sporting your nasty sweatpants from college (you know the ones).

It’s a three parter though. You need to a) visualize the end product you’re hoping to achieve, then b) mentally list the reasons why you want this outcome, finally c) repeat that list of goodness to yourself until it’s set in mental-stone.

Visualization works because, science. Creating a picture in your mind tricks your mind into thinking it’s real. That it can, will, and has happened. So you want to get a new job but your portfolio is a mes? What could it be like if you only updated it and slapped on a coat of digital paint.? Sit back, close your eyes, and visualize a newly revamped, totally stunning portfolio that you can send out to new shops. Really picture each page and how it will be seen by all the amazed hiring managers out there. See, your brain made it happen - now your hands just need to get on board.

2. Flip the Script

This is literally about the words the voices in your head say (c’mon we all know you’ve got ‘em).

The theory is that when you frame things as “I should do,” or “I ought to” vs “I want to” you hold yourself back. Once you start taking action because you want to not because something/someone told you you should, stuff just starts happening. It’s not that weird if you really think about it… “I should redo my portfolio someday.” vs “I want to update my portfolio so it makes me look awesome.”

Hell, now I want to redo my portfolio, your portfolio…. everyone’s portfolio!

3. Eat the Elephant

Okay. So are you ‘not motivated’ because in reality you’re freaked out about everything you think you need to do and 107% overwhelmed? Grab a fork and ‘Eat the Elephant.’

What the???

It comes from an old proverb: “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.” Overwhelm is your elephant. It’s the world’s most common motivation killer but it also happens to be the easiest to kick to the curb.

It’s painfully simple. Take your huge task, i.e. ‘redo my portfolio,’ and break it down into to small, actionable steps that are concrete and accomplishable:

  1. Create list of projects from the last 3 months

  2. Gather assets from those projects

  3. Upload images into current portfolio

  4. Add appropriate copy for new projects

  5. Change contact info to new email

  6. Change photo on about page to more recent photo


There’s a ton of resources to help you do this. Marie Forleo has a great take on it that she calls ‘verberizing.’

The first step to defining and achieving your career goals is getting off your but, putting one foot in front of the other and just moving. I know, I know… it’s daunting. But it only takes a little action to make a lot happen.

Bonus Option:

If all else fails, crank the Beyoncé and strut around your apartment until you feel like you OWN THE WORLD. Because you can.... if you move!

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