How to Get a New Job in the New Year (or Anytime)


You need a f*cking plan dude! You need to:

1. Figure out what you want to do

2. Design your career plan aka plan how to get yourself positioned into the job you want

3. Create a plan on making yourself right for the job.

4. Plan how you’re going to get the job you want aka a plan for how you’re actually going to get hired.

Luckily I’ve got some handy dandy blog posts that can help you on 1, 2 and 3:

To get your ducks in a row and figure it all out:

To be proactive in designing your career:

To learn how to fill in your skill gaps and get your sales materials in order:

Number four, is just as important as the other three, but it’s something a lot of job seekers try to skip out on. This is where you create an actual plan. Like in a calendar. With real dates to hold you accountable. I know!  Crazy, right?

 First things first: know when you want your next job by. If it’s 2 weeks, 3 months or next year - you need to know the date you want to have an offer in hand. Once you’ve got that figured you need to put several dates into your calendar (paper, digital, sand dial - don’t care). 

  1. Date you will have your list of ideal of companies completed.

  2. Date you will set for your networking goals: coffee dates, informational interviews, emails needed to be sent, LinkedIn connections you need to have made.

  3. Date you have your personal sales pitch completed.

  4. Dates you will have your “sales materials” updated: LinkedIn profile, resume & portfolio/website

  5. Dates for courses you need to take to fill in your skills gaps.

  6. Interview schedule (informal and otherwise)

Not so hard see? Just get those dates in there and make them non-negotiable, non-optional, totally must-do events. Got it? Good!


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