Pop quiz! Ready to see if it's time to give that stuck feeling the finger?

Unstuck (1).jpg

You’ve been cruising along in your career just assuming that promotions, growth and learning would take care of themselves. I've got news for you, it just doesn't. Bummer right? You just need to know if you're really ready to get unstuck, make a plan and get control over your career. You’ll know if you really are suck, the reasons why and what you should do next.

Before you tackle the quiz, let's take a look at four career ducks you need to have in a row if you wanna stay un-stuck! 

1. Build your solid network of mentors and peers.

This is non-negotiable! If you don't have a professional support network, you have no helping hands to help push and pull you down your career path. 

2. Work on projects that are challenging!

The more challenging, the more learning you do. The more learning you do the more you grow. The more you grow the more responsibility you are able to take on. Responsibility = promotions.

3. Cultivate a work/life balance.

People with outside lives & interests (not to mention lack of under-eye bags) have been proven to be better on the job over and over again.

4. Find a culture you don't just fit into, but add to.

Believing in the values of a company and the employees that keep it going mean casual Fridays are WAY more chill - just make sure you LIKE Hawaiian shirt Wednesdays, cool?

Quack quack. Quiz time!